The Management

The school is managed through professionally trained teachers in the area of deaf education. The teachers also go through comprehensive training programs regularly. The school management is run by Ms. Ishrat Shaheen. Ms. Shaheen has earned her Master Degree in Administration from Karachi University. She has also completed special education course organized by the Ministry of Education in Islamabad in 1989 and attended many training courses in Karachi and Islamabad.



1.       Syed Nayyar Hasnain Haider

2.       Abdul Rahim Saya

3.       Salman Zakir



Ms. Ishrat Shaheen, President

Mr. Mohammad Waseem, Treasurer

Mr. Mohammad Iqbal, Hon General Secretary

Mr. Ziauddin Shamsi, Joint Secretary

Mr. Muhammad Islam, Member

Mr. Mahmood Ahmed Khan, Member

Ms. Ghazala Mohsin, Member

Mrs. Rubina, Member

Syed Abid Ali Zaidi, Member

Mr. Muhammad Yamin Hafiz, Member