The School

The Karachi School for Deaf, located in Korangi, Karachi, is run under the auspices of the Karachi Educational & Welfare Society for Deaf (KEWSD).

The Karachi Educational Society was founded by a group of concerned citizens in May 1990. The Karachi Educational & Welfare Society for Deaf (KEWSD) is a not for profit and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It was registered with the directorate of Social Welfare Government of Sindh, Karachi vide Registration No. DSW-(S)-789 of 1991 dated 29-06-1991. Since the inception of the school, it has been functioning effectively and providing quality education to the deaf children.

The basic aim of establishing the school was to help the special children in their day to day life while also developing them as concerned and normal citizens of the society.

Approximately over 300 deaf and dumb children enrolled in the school, are receiving quality education in various classes from Kindergarten to 9th Class. These students belong to the underprivileged population and are provided with free books, uniforms, hearing aids, speech therapy, healthcare, sewing classes (for girls), computer training, pick and drop facility etc.

Being involved in providing special education, the school teachers regularly go through various training programs pertaining to special education from well reputed institutions. This allows them to remain up to date upon recent developments.

The children in the school come from far flung suburban areas like Landhi, Korangi, etc. Majority of the people in these underdeveloped areas belong to very low income group. Therefore, such children require special education at lower cost or even without any cost. These families cannot afford to pay for their schooling and being undereducated themselves, do not realize and appreciate its need for their children.


School Objectives

Human Beings blessed with all five senses do not find hard in taking care of their daily chores. While those who come into this world without any one of these five senses, would find his or her day to day life more challenging than others. We believe that such people too have the right to lead their lives in a normal manner. Society often perceives deaf children as mentally ill people. However, this is not the case. They are as normal as any other human being is, however, they just have problems in communicating with others.

This was the initial though when the Karachi School for Deaf came into existence, that deaf children also have the right to lead normal lives. Following are the most important areas the school operates at:   

·         Making day- to-day lives of the hearing impaired children less challenging.  

·         To assist the hearing impaired children belonging to low income group families in becoming independent, useful and self-relying members of the society.

·         Provide vocational trainings to the hearing impaired children to earn their own livelihood for sustainable future.


Our Education

The school offers basic education for the deaf children to help them cater their day to day challenges and at the same time learn skills along with necessary primary and secondary education.

Following are the services that the school offers:

·         Schooling facilities from Montessori to Secondary

·         Comprehensive analysis of each case

·         Free essential hearing aids to the underprivileged children

·         Group Speech Therapy

·         Free books and uniforms

·         Library and Computer Lab for students

·         Free pick and drop facility

·         Vocational training and sports


Individual child’s progress is evaluated every semester i.e. August, November and February. The progress report is then discussed with parents.



·         Language and communications skills that include speech therapy, sign languages, speech reading and reading and writing in Urdu / English

·         Social and practical skills

·         Moral and Religious Education

·         Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Arts and Crafts

·         Physical education including games and Martial Arts



One of our utmost objectives is to enable these handicapped children, earn their own living when they grow up and lead a sustainable life. We strive to enable these children to communicate with the society and make their day to day life easier. Above all, we try to reinforce the ability of the parents to share their joy with these handicapped children and educate their parents to help their children learn to be contributing members of society.

We provide hearing equipment, training and education to these handicapped children, in order to assist them in communicating normally.

We also have speech therapy classes, impart stitching and computer training. Equipped with these skills, these children will be able to earn for themselves and share the burden of supporting their families.

How to Support

As all the students belong to very poor families residing in temporary accommodations (katchi abadies), they cannot afford their children’s education etc. To provide all the education, vocational and health related services to the children free-of-charge and in view of the high inflation, the school looks forward to substantial assistance from philanthropists through Zakat, sadqat and donations.

People can help us in many ways, by donating a hearing aid, taking care of utility bills of the school, spending quality time with the children in the school by mentoring them, and many other ways. Following are the most crucial areas of support the school looks forward to:


Support a child for one year                        Rs 8,000   -  $80

Support a child for one month                   Rs 670       -   $7

Support teacher’s one month salary       Rs 5,000     -  $50

(Dollar conversion rate is considered 100 PKR)


Please send your checks through courier or dropping yourself to the school in the name of  ‘Karachi Educational and Welfare Society for the Deaf’ or through online transfer at the following bank account.

A/c # 20311-106294

Metropolitan Bank, Khayaban-e-Ittehad

86-C, 11th Comm. Street, Phase II (Ext)

DHA, Karachi.


Please remit donations as follows:

Use Swift Code for the Karachi Educational & Welfare Society for Deaf : MPBLPKKA030,

Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd

Account No. 0136-20311-106249.